To equip individual and corporate organization with different level of professional skills and competence needed to promote skills acquisition innovation and development programs for self-reliant and poverty alleviation driven of Nigerians through professional assessment, evaluation and certification.

The levels of professional skills acquisition programmes of the Institute to include curriculum development for programmes. The qualification of category of Membership are:

  • a.  certified Corporate Membership – Certification Award given to relevant private, corporate business organization duly registered with CAC. That were certified by the skills Acquisition Institute to collaborate on various skills Acquisition Development Trainning programmes of the Institute.
  • b.  Corporate Membership: Honourary Award of Excellence will be confer on duly registered corporate business organization in recognition of their contribution to the skills Acquisition and Development programmes in the country
  • c.  Certified Fellow Membership: Certification Award to be given to professionals and Academician of repute, who are certified by the Institutes to collaborate on essential programmes of skills Acquisition and Development trainning programmes designed by the institutes to promote self-reliant and poverty reduction goals in the country.
  • d.  Honourary Fellowship Members: Award of excellence to be given to notable individual who have distinguish themselves in various fields of skills Acquisition business development in the country.
  • e.   Associate / Full Members: Award given to individual who have passed the institutes professional Examination at different levels.



Programme will be structured around:- Management Science. Arts and Culture, Maintenance Engineering,

  • Foundation level
  • Intermediate level
  • Professional/Graduate Level.


  • Scan recent passport photography to be upload to online Portal.
  • Attach copies of your certificates with 4 passport size photographs for hardcopy at online registration.
  • The information you provided in above will determine your suitability and eligibility for the programme you applied for.
  • Pay specify amount into  institute account Details: Bank Name: ................. Account Name:................ Account No:............
  • Scan and Send payment detail our Email: and contact: 08033454472, 08033616099 for hardcopy submission.
  • Begin online Registration Click  Here